Jedward to star (and sing) in Sharknado sequel

The Irish X-Factor twins are set to appear alongside Tara Reid in the sequel to the SyFy cult hit


If you thought the premise of Sharknado – killer sharks come flying out of a tornado – was strange, you’re in for a shock, as the sequel will be getting a whole lot stranger…


In the joining of two pop culture phenomena, Irish popstar twins Jedward will be making an appearance in the follow up to SyFy’s instant cult hit.

As well as giving the ex-X Factor contestants their film debut, Sharknado 2 will feature music from the twins. Yes, that’s right – Jedward will be lending their unique vocal stylings to the fishy film, too.

The indentical twins announced the news themselves, on Twitter yesterday:

For some telly fans, it will all be a bit too much. Both the quiff-sporting singers and Sharknado’s star Tara Reid (who are all said to be best of friends) are a bit like Marmite. But for those of you who don’t count yourselves among Jedward’s fans, at least there’s the possibility that the duo will meet a sticky end in the jaws of a flying shark, eh?

Watch the trailer for Sharknado:

And just imagine how much better it would be with Jedward’s vocals over the top…

Sharknado airs in the UK on Wednesday at 9pm on SyFy