Steven Moffat on Peter Capaldi: “The Doctor’s in the room. Malcolm Tucker is knocked out of the way”

The twelfth Doctor's Thick of It character can't overshadow the Time Lord says the Who boss

Anyone who’s seen Peter Capaldi’s bile-spewing, swear-happy spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker in action in BBC satire The Thick of It will find it hard to imagine him being overshadowed by anyone – but Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat says Tucker is a goner now Capaldi has been cast as the twelfth Doctor.


“You know when the Doctor is in the room,” said Moffat, speaking backstage at Elstree Studios following tonight’s live reveal of Capaldi as Matt Smith’s replacement. “I’ve seen the Doctor not be in the room when you say those lines out loud.

“[When the right person comes along] you just know. And just to check we weren’t mad we showed it to [BBC head of drama] Ben [Stephenson]. And we all just thought ‘Yes, obviously that’s it. The Doctor’s in the room’.”

And Moffat believes fans will agree: “When you watched him walk out in the room tonight, didn’t you just think ‘well, there he is’?” he said.

“Suddenly he’s the Doctor. Malcolm Tucker is knocked out of the way. He’s just suddenly this magnificent new man.”

Capaldi himself could only echo Moffat’s sentiments. Speaking in his BBC1 interview after being revealed as the twelfth Doctor, he said “I think Malcolm’s been banished by this new Doctor, who certainly would not put up with any of Malcolm’s language or attitudes to the world.”

Capaldi will replace eleventh Doctor Matt Smith when he leaves the show after four years at the end of the year, regenerating during the Christmas special.

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