Peter Capaldi: the twelfth Doctor’s top TV moments

From Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It to John Frobisher in Torchwood, via Skins, The Hour and The Vicar of Dibley - here's what your new Doctor has been in before

So there you have it. 55-year-old Peter Capaldi IS the new Doctor… But (we hear at least some of you cry) who actually is he?


Well, for those of you who aren’t familar with the Scottish-born actor, he’s probably most well known for playing crude, rude and expletive-loving Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It but he’s also starred in The Hour, Skins, The Vicar of Dibley, and Doctor Who spin off Torchwood!

He’s even appeared in Doctor Who itself while David Tennant held the keys to the Tardis.

Here are a few of Capaldi’s best TV moments to date…

WARNING: Some clips contain strong language – especially Malcolm Tucker

As Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It 

As Randall Brown in The Hour

As John Frobisher in Torchwood

As Caecilius in Doctor Who

As Mark Jenkins in Skins

As Tristram Campbell in The Vicar of Dibley

And a personal favourite of mine… (Sorry, the 10-year-old inside me couldn’t resist!)

As Mr Whiskers in The Greatest Store in the World


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