Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi will make the role his own says Steven Moffat

Even the twelfth Doctor's look has not been decided yet, revealed the showrunner


Peter Capaldi is being given licence to make the role of the twelfth Time Lord his own, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat said today.


“I’m not going to tell him how to play the Doctor,” said Moffat, speaking to journalists after today’s live announcement on BBC1 – adding that while “on paper” the Doctor always sounded similar, it is now up to Capaldi to fashion the role himself.

Moffat said that although he expected Capaldi to be “magnificent” he did not know exactly how he would play the part.

“The truth is we don’t know. I’ve seen him do Doctorish stuff and its worked. I’ve seen him deal with the technobabble. I’ve seen him deal with the nonsense. I wrote scenes that were deliberately impossible just to see ‘can you do the impossible even without gunk poured on you and now were going to pour gunk on you and throw a lizard on you and ask you to say all this stuff and explain the plot’.

“We don’t know yet. We’re going to work on that and, as with Matt – Matt developed hugely as he approached the first episode. We’ll do the same with Peter.”

Moffat revealed that even the twelfth Doctor’s look had not yet been decided, quipping:  “Nobody takes the slightest interest in any of my views on costume – I’ve never had the slightest influence, I cannot imagine why.”


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