Doctor Who: Has celebrity photographer Rankin revealed the gender of the 12th Doctor?

"He's going to be an ace Dr," tweeted Rankin this afternoon after photographing the new Time Lord

For the next four hours, at least, the identity of the 12th Doctor remains one of the most closely-guarded secrets in television with showrunner Steven Moffat claiming just ten people are in the know. 


One such person is celebrity photographer Rankin who shot the new Doctor earlier today ahead of the big reveal live on BBC1 this evening. But a tweet sent from his account this afternoon is likely to land him in hot water with Doctor Who bosses after he appeared to confirm the gender of Matt Smith’s top secret replacement, telling his 54,000 followers, “He’s going to be an ace Dr.”

Now, Moffat is known for double and even triple bluffing the media with regard to the long-running sci-fi series, so there is a possibility that he has recruited Rankin for yet another of his famous ruses. OR this could be a major clue from show insiders as to the future Time Lord’s mysterious identity – and a final confirmation that we are not set to see a first female Doctor. 

Don’t forget to tune into BBC1 at 7pm for a live special revealing the next Doctor – and look out for frequent updates on throughout the evening.