Doctor Who: Behind the scenes at the live twelfth Doctor unveiling’s Susanna Lazarus is in the audience for BBC1’s big announcement

The biggest live television event since… The Royal Wedding? The London 2012 Opening Ceremony? The first man on the moon..?


Well, big anyway – and if you’re a Doctor Who fan, very big…

Ever since Matt Smith announced he will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year, speculation as to who will be his replacement – the twelfth Doctor – has been rife, non-stop and increasingly feverish.

And tonight’s the night we finally get the answer, in a half-hour BBC1 special Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, featuring appearances from former Time Lords Peter Davison and Colin Baker, companions Anneke Wills (Polly), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Janet Fielding (Tegan) and Bonnie Langford (Mel) plus a number of celebrity guests.  

Of course, had to bag ringside seats for such an event and in the run-up to the live programme itself (and during it, from 7pm) our own Susanna Lazarus will be feeding us insider info on any famous faces she may have spotted, any snippets of conversation that may have drifted her way – or other hints as to the possible identity of the new Who – plus a general idea of just what the atmosphere at Elstree Studios is like tonight.

So watch this space for updates as the fun begins…

“Lots of people dressed up in the queue outside. Lots of David Tennants, Matt Smiths, a woman with a bow tie drawn on her chest!”

A source says the new Doctor is a known name, not a newcomer

“We’re inside! A gaint purple glitterball and Cyberman grace the studio, there’s a Tardis hanging from the ceiling…”

“A woman in the audience is wearing a full-on Dalek costume, complete with plunger!”

“All around the sofa set where guests will sit are TV screens playing footage of past Doctors.”

Here’s what the studio looked like just before transmission…

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