When Breaking Bad’s Hank met… Keith Richards

Actor Dean Norris tells RadioTimes.com what happened when he met the Rolling Stones guitarist at Wednesday's Breaking Bad event in New York


Dean Norris, the actor who plays Hank in Breaking Bad, has told RadioTimes.com that he realised an ambition on Wednesday when he met Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards at the New York premiere of the series’ final run.


Richards, a huge fan of the show, bear-hugged Norris at the event, which was officially launching the long-awaited final eight episodes of series five (which Norris says he refers to as series six).

Norris said Richards approached him to tell him what a fan of the show he was: “Keith Richards man! Wow. He said, Hank, c’mere man and give us a hug, so I did and we talked. It was so cool.

“We had heard he was into the show and we have often talked about who likes it. On the show we sometimes spend time hearing about what kind of cool people like the show and he’s definitely one of them.”

Norris then reminded Richards of a line in the drama which name-checks the Rolling Stone.

Richards attended the launch with his wife Patti Hansen and daughters Alexandra, Ella and Theodor.

Norris said he also spoke to another Breaking Bad fan at the event but one from an altogether different walk of life – billionaire financier Warren Buffett.

Also attending the premier was rock legend Lou Reed.