Sherlock: “Keep watching to the very end of tonight’s episode” says BBC

What appears to be a new image from series 3 hints at something extra to come after the repeat of The Reichenbach Fall on BBC1 tonight

Tonight, Sherlock fans have the chance to relive the series two cliffhanger episode The Reichenbach Fall and once again try to work out exactly how Benedict Cumberbatch’s detective survived that plunge from the roof of St Bart’s Hopsital.


But following the scenes many have analysed over and over again for clues, it looks as if there could be something new…

A cryptic message from a BBC insider landed on’s desk this morning: “Our advice – keep watching to the very end!” Oh, and it was accompanied by this image…

So what could it all mean? (If you’re not familiar with the original Sherlock Holmes stories and want to avoid spoilers, you might want to stop reading now) 

Well the shot of a very familiar silhouette seen through a frosted glass door is one we haven’t come across before. I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s from Sherlock series three and I’ll go even further and suggest it’s from the first episode The Empty Hearse.

But I don’t think it’s Sherlock on the other side of that door.

We already know that the story is based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s original, The Adventure of the Empty House, in which Holmes is being hunted by the late Moriarty’s right-hand man Colonel Sebastian Moran. Moran is a sharp shooter who has his sights trained on 221B Baker Street, potentially keeping the detective housebound.

The solution? A perfect wax bust of Mr Sherlock Holmes placed strategically at the window to create an unmistakable silhouette for Moran to fixate on – while Holmes’s faithful landlady Mrs Hudson shuffles about on her knees, changing the cast’s position from time to time so as not to give the game away, while the detective goes about his business in the outisde world…

Am I deducing too much from this single, simple clue? Perhaps. I’m no Sherlock, after all. But I am pretty sure we’re going to catch a glimpse of series three (be it a still or a short piece of footage) following tonight’s episode, so I’d echo the BBC’s advice – keep watching tonight’s Sherlock repeat to the very end. The game is afoot! 

The Reichenbach Fall is tonight at 8:30pm on BBC1