The Call Centre’s Nev Wilshire signs book contract

From singing Mr Brightside to arm wrestling for a promotion, the CEO of Save Britain Money has some ideas for how managers can do it better


Nev Wilshire, CEO of call centre Save Britain Money, rose to fame as the star of BBC3 observational documentary The Call Centre, which provided the perfect platform to show off his unique management skills.


But not content with inspiring his own staff, Nev is going to share his wisdom with fellow managers through his debut ‘how to’ book, Happy People Sell: My Strategies for Success (he’ll write War and Peace next year, he jokes). 

Posting a snap of himself on Twitter signing his book contract, Nev made sure his idol John Wayne was in attendance (in mug form, naturally). 

As fans of The Call Centre will be aware, Nev has plenty of experiences to draw on for the book. As if getting his employees to sing a round of Mr Brightside by The Killers wasn’t enough, Nev enjoyed a fair few attempts at matchmaking among his staff, as well as arm wrestling and fancy dress events.

The book’s title, Happy People Sell, is one of Nev’s many catchphrases. He’s had to use another, “SWSWSWN” (some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next?), to help him through the sudden influx of press coverage he’s received due to his recent time in the spotlight. 

But Nev admits he’s not reaching for the stars with his first foray into the world of literature.

“I’m not saying my book will change the corporate world, but if just one board meeting starts with a rendition of Mr Brightside, it will all be worth it!” he explains on his website.

Nev’s even called on some of his own to help with the book, saying we can expect to hear from show favourites Chickenhead, Hayley and Dwayne.

Happy People Sell will be in shops on 24 October, while The Call Centre is set for a repeat run on BBC1 at 10:35pm from Wednesday 7 August.