Ex-straw-minate! Giant Dalek sculpture invades Cheshire field

The straw Dalek has been built by an ice cream company in celebration of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

There’s celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, and then there’s constructing a giant Dalek out of straw…


The sculpture, created by Snugsburys ice cream shops, has been erected in a field in Nantwich, Cheshire, as part of their ten-year tradition of building stuff made out of straw and, well, sticking it in fields. Previous works have included Big Ben and a giant meerkat.


The project, headed by artist Mike Harper, is a promotional sideline of the ice cream company, which uses the awareness to raise money for various charities. The Dalek sculpture’s charity is yet to be confirmed but Doctor Who fans are bound to say “what they hay?” and donate.