Sky boss: our viewers loved axed Terra Nova so much we considered making it ourselves

British broadcaster reveals that fans missed Steven Spielberg Fox series so much it considered going it alone


Sky was so keen to bring back Steven Spielberg’s TV series Terra Nova that the broadcaster examined the possibility of funding its return after Fox pulled the plug, the broadcaster’s director of entertainment channels Stuart Murphy revealed on Twitter.


Murphy said that he “looked at” commissioning a second run of the show itself but that the terms demanded by Fox were “too pricey”.

He added: “I still get complaints every day [about its axing] even though it was the US that axed it not me.”

It is understood that streaming service Netflix also examined the possibility of picking up the series, but decided against it.

Terra Nova was set in a future earth where air quality and the discovery of a temporal shift saw various characters travel back in time to an earth of the Cretaceous period.

The drama focused primarily on the lives of the Shannon family as they joined the Terra Nova colony in the prehistoric past and starred Jason O’Mara, Allison Miller and British actresss Shellley Conn.

The series averaged 7.5 million viewers in the US which was not as well as hoped.

The show was also beset with last minute editorial changes and what some sources have said was a spiralling budget, with the pilot alone costing a reputed £13.2m, equating to roughly $200,000 for every minute of action.


In total the 13-part series cost £45 million to produce, making it one of the most expensive TV series ever made.