Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and David O Russell reunite in American Hustle

The Silver Linings Playbook stars are back together in David O Russell's new Abscam film - and they've got some very 70s hairdos...

Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and David O Russell are reuniting after their Silver Linings Playbook awards season success for new film American Hustle.


Based on the Abscam scandal of the late 1970s, American Hustle follows con artist Irving Rosenfeld (played by Christian Bale) and Sydney Prosser, his mistress and partner-in-crime (played by Amy Adams) who become so good at committing crimes that the government wants to recruit them.

Director David O Russell calls Bale’s character “a big softie who’s got killer instincts as a businessman” while Amy Adams’ Sydney is dubbed “a vixen who is really cunning and crafty and smarter than her partner in many respects.” Silver Linings Playbook stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play Rosalyn Rosenfeld and Richie DiMaso respectively. Rosalyn is Irving’s unpredictable wife while Cooper’s character is an FBI agent tasked with the job of recruiting Irving.

As director David O Russel says “Everyone is playing someone they’ve never played before. You’ve never seen these people like this.” A statement which is certainly true when it comes to the stars’ hairdo of choice. While J-Law is sporting an incredibly bouffant fringe and Bradley Cooper has gone for some tight curls, it’s Christian Bale’s locks which are really keeping our attention. The Dark Knight actor has some sort of mid-legth comb-over.

It seems it wasn’t just government officials who were corrupt during the 70s. Hairdressers were up to no good too.


American Hustle will be in UK cinemas on 26 December