Could Homeland carry on without Brody and Carrie? “Absolutely” says Showtime exec

The US network's entertainment president has said he can see the show carrying on without Claire Danes and Damian Lewis


Could hit US drama Homeland carry on without Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody?


Well, David Nevins, the entertainment president of Showtime (the US network who makes the hit show) certainly thinks so.

Speaking at the Television Critics’ Association yesterday, the TV boss said: “Do I think it’s conceivable that the show outlives Carries Mathison and Nicholas Brody? Absolutely…”

“I mean no spoiler by that,” he told Deadline. “I would not conclude there is a blockbuster in season three. But if you’re going to commit yourself to being unpredictable and going where the story takes you, you’ve got to commit yourself to being unpredictable and going where the story takes you.”

“Anything is possible in television, so I would not rule it out,” he added.

It seems when it comes to the hit spy drama, nobody, not even the series leads, is safe… But could the gripping CIA drama really live on without Carrie and Brody? In the show’s first season the chemistry between troubled agent Carrie and former marine turned terrorist Brody drove the drama, while their troubled will-they-won’t-they romance kept us tuning in during series two. Where would we be without Lewis’ gingery good looks and Danes’ gut-wrenching meltdowns?


That said, Brody, now on the run from the CIA, is nowhere to be seen in at least the first two epsiodes of the third season. And with their tyrst blown to smitherines along with the bomb, series three could take the show in a whole new Carrie and Brody-free direction…