Are you a pop culture geek?

Know your J-Los from your J-Laws? Know who made Top Gear history and who asked George Lucas for a purple lightsaber? Then you may just ace our quiz…


Geek is the new chic and with our intense* quiz you can find out if you qualify as a pop culture geek.


*not really that intense 

1. Which star asked George Lucas for a purple lightsaber in the Star Wars films?

2. Which three comedians appear on the panel in each episode of Mock the Week?

3. If J-Lo is Jennifer Lopez then J-Law is…

4. Who hosts MasterChef?

5. Which Olympic medalist won this year’s Dancing on Ice series?

6. Henry Cavill stars as Superman in Man of Steel, but what is Superman’s Kryptonian name?

7. Will Smith surprised Graham Norton with a performance on his chat show, but which former co-star did he bring on with him?

8. Name the last three winners of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here?

9. When it comes to presenters Ant and Dec, which side do they always stand?

10. Who are Lord Sugar’s current aides in The Apprentice?

11. What was the paper company called in Ricky Gervais’s The Office?

12. Who provides the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy?

13. Which actress plays the female lead in BBC’s New Tricks?

14. The Olympic opening ceremony saw which football star race along the Thames in a speedboat?

15. Damian Lewis and Claire Danes star in which American drama?

16. When Friends came to an end, how many children did the main cast have between them?

17. Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter recently portrayed which high-power celebrity duo?

18. Which Harry Potter actor has a corner of Top Gear’s track named after him?

19. In series two finale The Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock visits Molly Hooper at work and tells her he’s taking her to lunch. What is the ‘lunch’ in question?

20. According to David Tennant’s tenth Doctor, what ‘60s rock star gave him his famous brown coat?