Breaking Bad finale – new teaser trailer released

The ominous new teaser is set to Bryan Cranston reading a poem about the fall of empires - remember, #AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd

Following the news that the long-awaited final series of Breaking Bad will stream on Netflix from August 12 in the UK, a new teaser trailer has set the tone for what is to come.


The teaser, released by AMC, is vague, but does feature Bryan Cranston (who plays the show’s anti-hero Walter White) reciting a poem over ominous shots of key objects and scenes from the show’s setting, Albuquerque. 

The poem, Shelly’s 1818 Ozymandias, is about the falling of empires and also shares its name with an upcoming episode in which “everyone copes with radically changed circumstances.” A notable tease for fans that were shocked by series 5a’s cliffhanger. 


The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, which will conclude the journey of chemistry teacher turned drug-lord Walter White, will return to screens in the US from August 11. Last week, however, it was announced that the show will stream in the UK on Netflix, weekly, from August 12.