Sherlock series 3: The Killing star Lars Mikkelsen revealed as new villain

The Danish actor will play a character called Charles Augustus Magnussen, a name that will be familiar to fans of the original Sherlock Holmes stories

Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen has been unveiled as the major new villain set to test Benedict Cumberbatch’s detective when Sherlock returns to BBC1 for series three. 


Best known to UK audiences as mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann in Nordic Noir hit The Killing, Mikkelsen will play a character called Charles Augustus Magnussen – a name which will be eerily familiar to fans of the original Sherlock Holmes stories…

The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton focuses on the eponymous “king of all blackmailers”, a ruthless character Holmes describes as more distasteful than any of the many murderers he has encountered during his career, who makes his living by extorting money from his victims using ill-gotten scandalous revelations about their personal lives.

Sherlock fans may be interested to know that the original story not only involves the detective taking on the guise of a plumber in order to gain information about Milverton but also sees him betrothed to the villain’s housemaid – although whether that has any connection to the wedding set to take place in episode two of the upcoming third series of Sherlock remains to be seen.

Lars Mikkelsen is the brother of fellow actor Mads Mikkelsen who has a criminal background himself as the star of serial killer drama Hannibal. As the new Sherlock villain, Lars will have his work cut out trying to live up to Andrew Scott’s Bafta-winnng peformance as the detective’s original nemesis Moriarty.

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue announced the news of Mikkelsen’s role on Twitter today, accompanied by the first shot of his character, as seen above.


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