Sharon Osbourne’s best X Factor moments

The returning judge is sure to bring some fireworks to the 2013 series


Sharon Osbourne is back on the panel for X Factor 2013 and has reportedly been told to tone down her rants. 


Frankly, we can’t wait to see the fireworks that’ll no doubt follow Osbourne back onto the panel. You all remember the moment she threw water over Louis Walsh, right? Exactly.

Just take a look at some of Sharon’s other top moments from her previous time on the show… 

Sharon versus a door 

A fit of giggles sees Sharon and Louis evicted from the judging room by Mr Simon Cowell himself. The biggest punishment, however, comes from a swinging door, which Sharon doesn’t quite see in time. 

Sharon ‘quits’ mid-show 

At the prospect of choosing between two of her acts in the bottom two, Sharon leaves the judging panel saying she’s quitting the show. Forget the whole there-can-only-be-one-winner thing, you can’t knock her loyalty. 

The giggles take hold (again)

Penelope from Barcelona finds her audition more than a little interrupted when Sharon simply can’t stop laughing.

Laughs at a laugh

It’s not even just dodgy auditions that tickle Sharon – even someone else laughing starts her off…

Sing-along Sharon

Delighted to see Simon stripped of another act, Sharon sings a little tune for the head judge during their Xtra Factor interview. There’s even a bit of dancing. 

The glare

If ever any woman on the X Factor judging panel has got the glare down pat, it’s certainly Mrs O.


My, my, my. Simon kisses Sharon, Sharon kisses Simon, Louis kisses… well, no-one. But the temperature was sure rising after one of Leona Lewis’ performances. 

Peace keeper 

Sharon isn’t afraid to step in and attempt to calm a situation (granted she may have actually helped fuel this one) but she’s definitely not going to bother stopping a contestant lobbing a glass of water at Louis. 

Whinge at the winner

Just because it’s the final doesn’t mean Sharon has to be nice now, does it? Steve Brookstein sure learnt that the hard way. 


Sharon will be back on the X Factor panel with Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger later this year.