Colin Murray’s London 2012 Olympics quiz – how much do you remember?

So you think you know the Olympics? One year on, Colin tests your memory with 25 questions about London 2012

1. Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony, Isles of Wonder, was officially opened by which member of Team GB ringing the purpose-made stadium bell? (1pt)


2. Team GB’s first gold medal, eventually, came from Bradley Wiggins on the road in the cycling time trial – but who won Britain’s first medal of any colour at London 2012? (1pt)

3. Name the nanny who flew into the Opening Ceremony. (1pt)

4. Who designed Tom Daley’s diving trunks? Yes, there may have been barely enough fabric to cover Chris Hoy’s kneecaps, but Daley’s swimsuit, like the rest of Team GB’s kit, was designed by a leading international fashion designer. (1pt)

5. Charlotte Dujardin won two golds in the dressage, the first ever Olympic golds in the discipline for a British rider. She triumphed in both individual and team events. Name one of the other riders in the team. (1pt)

6. Alistair Brownlee won gold – and his brother Jonathan bronze – in the men’s triathlon. After swimming 1500m and cycling for 43km, how far did the brothers have to run to glory? (1pt)

7. Britain’s gold run came to an end on 12 August, but which mountain of a boxer was the last member of Team GB to hear God Save the Queen from the top of the podium? (1pt)

8. It’s a fairly well known fact that Bradley Wiggins was born in Ghent, Belgium, but can you name one of the two London 2012 medal-winners who actually hailed from Germany? (1pt)

9. Which British female won Olympic gold at last, after three consecutive silvers in the Games at Beijing, Athens and Sydney? (1pt)

10. A few days before Chris Hoy won his record sixth gold medal, which member of Team GB won a silver in her sixth successive Olympics, to add to a previous silver and bronze won in previous Games? (1pt)

11. We all know that Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford won gold on Super Saturday (4 August 2012) in the Olympic Stadium, but name the events they triumphed in. (3pts, 1pt for each)

12. We didn’t know at the time that it was a sign of great things to come, but in the tennis Andy Murray won gold in the men’s singles final, beating Roger Federer on Centre Court. How many sets did he take to win? (1pt)

13. Name the inventor of the worldwide web whose appearance in the Opening Ceremony so baffled US network NBC’s commentators that they advised their viewers to Google him. (1pt)

14. Name the only British gold medallist from London 2012 whose surname begins with a “Mc” (1pt)

15. Britain didn’t manage a single gold in the swimming, though Rebecca Adlington added two bronzes to her double gold from Beijing. Who was Team GB’s only other medal-winner in the pool, not including Tom Daley in the diving? (1pt)

16. At 19, Jade Jones was the youngest member of Team GB. But what was the sport in which she took gold? (1pt)

17. Which all-conquering British road cyclist – now associated with yellow – made it onto the podium in cycling’s time trial on the road, picking up a bronze? (1pt)

18. What made London unique as a host city for the Summer Olympics in 2012? (1pt)

19. Team GB picked up a table-topping 12 medals across all the Olympic cycling disciplines, but how many of those were golds? (1pt)

20. Which Olympian won his fourth successive gold, and his fifth medal overall, in five consecutive Olympics? (1pt)

21. Name the mascots for both the Olympics and the Paralympics. (2pts, 1pt for each)

22. Britain won cycling gold in both the men and women’s team pursuit in the velodrome… so who joined Joanna Rowsell and Danielle King in the women’s golden trio? (1pt)

23. Tom Daley won a bronze medal, but from what height board did he dive to the podium? (1pt)

24. Britain’s male gymnasts followed up a historic team bronze with a silver and bronze in the individual pommel horse. Who were they? (2pts, 1pt for each)

25. Team GB won 29 top gongs at London 2012, but what was the combined total of gold, silver and bronze medals? (2pts if exact, 1pt if within ten either way)

How did you score?

0 – 5 You were there in body, but not in mind, maybe with a drink in your hand rather than a flag. Sadly, your recall of London 2012 ranks with Vanuatu’s medal haul.
Verdict: disqualified.

6 – 10 Solid performance, but you know deep down you expected to do better. Basically, you’re Phillips Idowu.
Verdict: knocked out in the heats.

11 – 20 You’ve left a lasting legacy of London 2012 knowledge. Sure, you won’t win Sports (Quiz) Personality of the Year, but you’ll get a ticket – somewhere near the back with Eddie the Eagle.
Verdict: fastest loser.

21 – 29 Pride of the entire nation. A Question of Sport will book you. You’ll be boring your grandchildren with stories of London 2012 until your last breath.
Verdict: you’re on the podium.

30 Superstar! If this quiz were an Olympic event you’d have won gold, smashed the world record and been sponsored by both Nike and Adidas.
Verdict: you’re “Made in Britain”.

Athletics: The London Anniversary Games is on today at 1:30pm on BBC1.


You can enjoy the Olympics Opening Ceremony again on Saturday at 7pm BBC3