New Bafta rule book to allow sixth nomination for Outstanding British Film category

The 2014 awards will see a jury select a sixth film to be added to the final nominations


The 2014 British Academy Film Awards is to allow an extra film to be nominated in the Outstanding British Film Category.


Bafta confirms that five nominations will be decided by the standard opt-in Chapter vote and the sixth by a new Outstanding British Film jury. All other categories will continue to have five nominations.

The opt-in Chapter is made up of Members with a specific expertise in the relevant field, while the jury, the new 2014 rule book explains, will consist of a minimum of ten and a maximum of 20 people selected from a pool of jurors chosen by the chair and deputy chair of the Bafta Film Committee and approved by the Committee.

Once a list of 15 films has been drawn-up by the opt-in Chapter in round one, the jury will then select an additional nomination from the films placed six to 15. This film will be the sixth nomination in the category. 

When Bafta announces the complete list of six nominees, no distinction will be made between which is the jury selection and which films were chosen by the opt-in Chapter.

Nik Powell, chair of the Bafta Film Committee, said the addition of a sixth film would “ensure that this important category fully celebrates the outstanding range of British films in our cinemas each year.”

Other changes will see the British Short Film and British Short Animation awards allowing non-fiction films to participate, while the minimum running time for all feature film categories has been increased from 60 to 70 minutes.


Nominations will be unveiled on 8 January 2014 with the award ceremony taking place on 16 February.