Jennifer Lawrence videobombs Jeff Bridges interview

From Oscar-winning actress to smitten fan, J-Law interrupts Bridges to ask him a few of her own questions


Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has turned her hand to a bit of journalism, interrupting an interview with Jeff Bridges to say hi herself.


Well, after J-Law was ‘videobombed’ by Jack Nicholson (see below) at this year’s Oscars (much to her delight) it was only a matter of time before she did it to someone else. 

Caught halfway between thinking it’s a good idea to interrupt an idol and not, Lawrence eventually muscled her way in to introduce herself and tell Bridges (Iron Man, Tron, The Muse) she’s a big fan.

Bridges, who’s busy promoting his latest film, Seventh Son, at the Comic Con exhibition, didn’t seem to mind at all, even giving the embarrassed actress a hug, before telling J-Law he loves her work, too. 

Aaaah. It’s like an actor love-in. 

Bridges was quick to talk about his director friend Scott Cooper’s latest film Crazy Heart, rather than answer Lawrence’s actual question about his own favourite role. But hey, she got to meet him right?

Check it out here…   


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