Doctor Who’s Matt Smith: Karen Gillan’s shaved head is “weird”

The actor reveals he had known about the former companion's bold, bald new look before its Comic Con unveiling


The unveiling of Karen Gillan’s bald head may have shocked Amy Pond fans, but Matt Smith has revealed that he knew what was coming when the former Doctor Who companion threw off a wig at San Diego Comic Con.


“I knew about [it] actually, because I had dinner with her and [I] was taking her wig off mid-meal,” he said. “My mum got really cross with me. She was like, ‘Leave her alone, Matt!’

“My mum and my sister actually tweeted some pictures from dinner; not with the wig off, but yeah, I got in lots of trouble for that. So I knew that was coming at Comic-Con.”

The actress, who accompanied Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor as companion Amy Pond, has shaved her head for an upcoming role as the villainous Nebula in Marvel superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy, following on from Smith himself, who sheared his trademark quiff for a part in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How To Catch a Monster. 

After she had unveiled her look to the cheering crowds at the convention, she confessed to fears that she would look like an “over-grown foetus.” When asked in an interview with Vulture what Smith thought of his friend’s new look, he appeared to teasingly agree.


“Weird. Unnerving. And she’s unnerving anyway,” he said. “But she’s a beautiful girl and she has those blue eyes, she can pull it off.”