Who Do You Think You Are: New series stars

Get a glimpse at which celebrities are delving into their family history in the latest series of family-tree fun

A whole host of new celebrities are ready to take on the challenge of researching their family history to solve the question: Who do you think you are?


Here’s Claire Vaughan’s, deputy editor of Who Do You Think You Are?, insight into the stars taking part this series…


In the first episode of the new series a photograph brings Una face to face with Annie and Arthur, the grandparents she never knew, even though she was in her 20s when they died. She also uncovers the motivations of her great-grandfather, a garden city pioneer.


The actress uncovers the mystery of her late father’s secret family and the reason he seems to have discarded a wartime medal. “It reads like a movie script, what he did,” she remarks.


Adopted as a baby, Lesley journeys into the ancestry of her birth father and finds “women who had illegitimate children but just got on with it”, Barnardo’s boys sent overseas and her remarkable great-great-grandfather.


Gary revels in two forebears, James Pratt and Thomas Billingham, who operated on different sides of the law. Despite coming from the same background, a lucky break sees one boy’s fortunes changed for ever.


Nick pulls no punches on The Apprentice — neither did his English Civil war ancestors in their quest for power.


Born in Kenya to Indian parents, actor Nitin (Masood in EastEnders) moved to England when he was three. “His episode is very much about anchoring himself,” says series producer Colette flight. “Nitin made some very emotional and tragic discoveries.”


The home-loving RT columnist is astonished to uncover adventurous ancestors. One risked his life off Britain’s coasts, while the other left the Orkneys to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada with horrific consequences.


Sixties icon Marianne explores the life of her half-Jewish mother, Eva, part of the artistically adventurous scene in 1920s Berlin: “what a woman, I had no idea.”


Knowing his lineage was entwined with that of Wild West entertainer and flying pioneer Samuel Cody, the journalist is amazed to discover the true relationship, and gain a better perspective on his great-grandmother: “She was a heroine in her own right.”


Who Do You Think You Are starts tonight, 9pm, BBC1