One fifth of Brits go abroad after being inspired by their favourite TV shows

With scenic shows and movies like Sex and the City, Nashville, Top of the Lake and Lord of the Rings, there's no doubt the UK public now book their holidays after watching TV filmed in stunning locations

Around a fifth of Britons book a holiday after being inspired by a TV show or film, new research claims.


The study shows that 19 per cent of people have booked a holiday after being inspired by a show or film and 20 per cent of people hope to book a holiday to a destination they have seen on screen within the next five years.

The most popular destination for TV tourists, with 39 per cent of the votes, is New York – a city that heavily features on our screens due to countless shows set here, such as Sex and the City, Girls, Mad Men, Ugly Betty and more.

I’m a massive fan of New York, as it’s such a bustling vibrant City,” said respondent Jeremy Lucas from London, ” You can really feel like you are walking on to the set of a movie like Goodfellas.”

Lucas travelled to Thailand after he watched The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, “I have also been to New Zealand, having followed The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit,” said Lucas. “I love to recreate scenes or key moments with my friends and family. The holy grail would be a trip to Miami to relive movies like Bad Boys and Miami Vice.”

Hawaii came in second place in the poll, with 23 per cent of the votes, due to shows such as Hawaii Five-0, and films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Hollywood came in third, with 22 per cent of votes, due to its great reputation as a filming hub, producing timeless movies such as Pretty Woman.

Meanwhile Rome came in fourth, with 20 percent of votes, with travellers inspired by shows including Rome – set in the ancient capital. Auckland made it into fifth place after recent BBC drama Top of the Lake and epic fantasy film Lord of the Rings.

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Las Vegas came in seventh place in the poll with 18 per cent of the votes; recent films and TV shows featuring the destination include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Hangover, while the Greek Islands have pulled in tourists after film Mamma Mia was released – this destination claimed 17 per cent of the votes in the poll.

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Miami also made it onto the list, with 15 per cent of the votes – Miami Vice and Marley & me were shot here.

The TV tourist is one of seven types of traveller identified by the Post Office in a survey conducted with 2,000 adults.


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