Royal baby: bookies taking bets on name, sex, first word… and even first paparazzi nightclub snap

Betting might be over on the day Kate Middleton goes into labour, but that doesn't mean the fun is over...


Now that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour, betting is over on the royal baby’s birthday – but that certainly doesn’t mean us Brits are short of things to gamble on.


If you fancy waging a few pennies on the future of the royal baby, Paddy Power are giving people odds on all sorts of royalty-related bets.

The name of Kate and Wills’ baby is the most obvious, with Alexandra and George leading the pack (Fergie and Wayne are trailing in last.) But name and sex isn’t the only thing you can bet on. Oh no…

You can bet on the baby’s weight at birth and even the colour of dress auntie Pippa will wear for her first visit. (Red is the favourite at the moment, if you’re interested) The royal baby’s first word is another thing you can gamble on. The highest odds are being offered on Papa, with Mama and nanny coming close behind; Pippa and Harry are about as likely as juice and gimme; Crown and carriage carry odds of 66/1; Corgi and croquet are in at 100/1; while ‘Where is one’s soother’ and ‘Mine’s a gin and dubonnet’ have tough odds, unsurprisingly.

Odds are being offered on the little royal’s future university and career of choice too – Kate and Wills’ little one is currently most likely to go St Andrews like mum and dad before going into an art or history related career. Sadly for the Middletons, party planning has pretty poor odds.

But the speculation doesn’t even stop there. You can place bets on what the third-in-line-to-the-throne’s first love will be called and how old the royal will be when first snapped by the paparazzi outside of a nightclub.


Good grief. And the baby hasn’t even been born yet…