Where was The Returned filmed?

Visit the setting of the number one French thriller, shot in an eerie alpine village


In a small French alpine village, with mountainous landscape similar to Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand, the dead return to life.


The French series (currently showing at 9pm every Sunday on Channel 4), filmed to a soundtrack of Scottish post-rock band Mogwai and based on the 2004 film Les Revenants, is set amid the looming Alps of the Haute Savoie area. Here, a group of men, women and children realise that they have been dead for several years. The dramatic mountains and vast wild countryside heighten the threat, fear and intensity in the drama.

Most scenes were filmed in the suburbs around Annecy Lake. “The town [in The Returned] does not exist, it is a collection of several settings,” explains writer and director Fabrice Gobert. However, it’s possible to find them all in the same region. “When I wrote the script, I imagined that the town was a real character,” he says, “I wanted it to be surrounded by mountains, lost in a valley and threatened by an impressive dam… it was in Annecy where I found the set I had Imagined.”

We’ve tracked down the real locations from the moody, supernatural drama, so when the series has finished you can bring it back to life. Here’s where experience that incredible scenery and what to do while you’re there…

Menthon Saint Bernard

This little town is where Camille’s house was shot, and is famous for the medieval Menthon Castle. It’s possible to stay in the grand building overlooking the lake and explore its library of more than 12,000 ancient works, some of which are written on parchment, sheepskin and goatskin.

Visit the Lake Annecy area with Radio Times Travel, see here for more details

Annecy le Vieux

North east of Annecy Lake, this is the fourth-largest town in Haute-Savoie and where Adele’s house was shot. People have lived here since 4000 BCE, making it all the more mysterious. There’s a long tradition of cast bronze bell-making in the town; learn more about this historic trade at the Paccard Bell Foundry.

Tignes Dam

This spectacular 180 metre dam, was created in the ‘50s to generate hydroelectric power. Nowdays, it’s a work of art. Jean-Marie Pierret and other artists painted a striking Hercules fresco on the wall in preparation for the 1992 Winter Olympics. This sizable feat took 60 days to complete.


This beautiful lakeside town offers dozens of outdoor activities, from cycling, fishing and boat rides to paddleboarding yoga. The Lake Pub is a great place to have a drink or a game of pool and see a live DJ – it’s also the very same place they shot bar scenes in The Returned.


Visit the Lake Annecy area with Radio Times Travel, see here for more details