Doctor Who panel at Comic Con: “I’ve lied for months,” says Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and many more gather at Comic Con to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who

Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Marcus Wilson, David Bradley, Jenna Coleman and, for his last time, Matt Smith took to San Diego Comic Con last night to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. 


Hosted by late night chat show host Craig Ferguson, a known Whovian in his own right, the panel immersed themselves in series seven, the as-of-yet unfinished Christmas special, new Gatiss-penned drama Adventure in Space and Time, and of course that 50th anniversary special.

“There are certain things we’ve been setting up for a very long time and they will be resolved in the 50th anniversary,” Moffat promised, before teasing a fan – in answer to a question of whether John Barrowman was involved – that he had “lied my arse off for months” in regards to who or what the special contains. A trailer, shown later on, gave a glimpse of what to expect, however.

The panel spent the rest of their time contemplating Matt Smith’s final adventures as the Doctor. With his thick head of hair now shaved off, Smith said he was proud of his time in the Tardis and that the Christmas Special will be a “belter.” “No pressure,” Moffat responded, admitting to only being half-way through the scripting process.

Smith also cast his mind back at his years of being the Doctor, which he described as “changing his entire life.” As for his favourite moments, that could only be his final kiss with Alex Kingston’s River Song, which Smith described as the first time the Doctor had kissed someone with real “lustful intent.” Smith went on to praise the fans for their continuous and endless support. It was one such fan that posed the question which gave the straightest answer from the whole session, asking if she would cry when Matt Smith left.“Oh, you will,” Moffat responded promptly.

Also on the panel were Mark Gatiss and David Bradley, who were there to discuss the former’s Doctor Who drama An Adventure In Space and Time.

“It was a story I always wanted to tell.” Gatiss divulged, explaining how the series’ inception was merely “a bunch of happy accidents.” Harry Potter star and another self-confessed Who fan David Bradley, who plays William Hartnell in the drama, also shared his sentiments towards the first ever Doctor; but Ferguson did not let Bradley go without some ribbing in regards to his recent appearance in Game of Thrones.


“Since then for some reason, all the wedding invitations have dried up,” Bradley joked.