Disappointing ratings for The Apprentice 2013 final match those of series 2

Leah Totton’s win fails to ignite ratings as figures return to 2006 level

The Apprentice is in its ninth series with a tenth already confirmed, yet this year’s final only pulled in an average of 5.7million viewers – the same figures seen for series two in 2006. 


The BBC show saw doctor turned cosmetics entrepreneur Leah Totton walk away with a £250,000 investment. While ratings peaked at 7 million when the winner was actually announced, the remainder of the show tailed off.

Warm weather and the schedule change to the earlier time of 8pm may have contributed, although it was still the most watched programme of the night.

ITV’s 8pm showing of the Zoo drew 3.4 million viewers.

Throughout the twelve-week series the overnights have been changeable. While 6million viewers watched the first episode, 6.5 saw week 7’s double firing and just 5.6million tuned in for the shopping task in Dubai.

Here’s how Leah’s win stacks up against final episodes of previous series:

2013: 5.7 million watched Leah Totton win series 9 – a disappointing match to 2006’s ratings

2012: 5.9 million watched Ricky Martin win series 8 – a dip from the previous year’s success

2011: 10.7 million watched Tom Pellereau win series 7 – popular Pellereau pulls biggest number of viewers

2010: 8.6 million watched Stella English win series 6 – show enjoys a steady couple of years

2009: 8.8 million watched Yasmina Siadatan win series 5 – two women and two 8’s make for a good haul

2008: 9.7 million watched Lee McQueen win series 4 – Lee’s bird impressions help rack up viewers

2007: 6.8 million watched Simon Ambrose win series 3 – even the third series pipped Leah’s final ratings

2006: 5.7 million watched Michelle Dewberry win series 2 – a big jump as the show’s popularity began to grow


2005: Almost 4 million watched Tim Campbell win series 1 – show gets off to a healthy start