Sir Kenneth Branagh says he is keen for a Doctor Who role

Legendary actor hints he fancies a cameo role in sci-fi hit

Excitement continues to swell around Doctor Who as Steven Moffat and co get closer to finding exiting Doctor Matt Smith’s replacement and the unveiling of the 50th anniversary special.


But, while other actors (including Idris Elba and David Harewood) have been linked to the role of the Time Lord, it seems Branagh’s eyeing a role as a guest star.

Asked in a live Q&A with the Guardian whether he’d like to guest star in Doctor Who, Branagh says:

“I am a long-time hide-behind-the-sofa-in-the-early-Doctor Who-in-the-1960s fan. The Master I remember was played brilliantly by an actor called Roger Delgado. I don’t think I can get him out of my mind.

“Is there a leader of the Cybermen? Or even just a funny Cyberman?” Branagh adds.

There certainly is Branagh. Let’s hope Moffat is listening.


Branagh as a Doctor Who guest star has a definite ring to it…