Killer Karaoke: Sky has high hopes for Jackass-inspired singing endurance show

New Challenge show forces contestants to sing on in a tank of snakes, mid-electrocution and much else

Jackass star Steve-O is at the helm of Killer Karaoke, a show that sees singers attempt to perform their favourite karaoke track, while facing extreme challenges.


Singers may find themselves dunked into a tank filled with snakes, forced to navigate a cactus maze while wearing drunk goggles, electrocuted or one of many other hideous tasks.

As if karaoke wasn’t painful enough. 

But no matter what trials they face, if the singers want to win, the must not stop singing.

Steve-O will be there to provide support, motivational chats and, er, laughter. 

Six brave souls take to the microphone during each show, before the studio audience chooses their favourite three, who compete to win $10,000.

Unsurprisingly, Sky has likened the show to Takeshi’s Castle Rebooted – and is hoping for the same success enjoyed by that show.

Stupid? Yes. But damn funny. At least if the pictures are anything to go by: 

We’re not sure whether it’s the snakes, or the fact that it’s also ice water that’s making this so painful…

Singing? Wailing? It’s karaoke, who can tell the difference?

Drunk goggles plus cactus make for one painful morning after experience

Just keep singing, just keep singing… 

Scary or just a bit gross? We’d take her challenge over the others any day of the week


Killer Karaoke starts August 15, Challenge, 10pm