Doctor Who: Do you want to change channels like David Tennant’s tenth Doctor? Well…

New remote control is modelled on David Tennant's original sonic screwdriver prop

Do you fancy swanning around your front room pretending that you’re David Tennant’s tenth Doctor? Of course you do – and now it’s got that little bit easier.


Following on from the eleventh Doctor’s Universal Remote Control released last year, a new tenth Doctor replica is to be unveiled at San Diego Comic Con today which has been scanned from the original screen-used prop, loaned by David Tennant himself.

According to its developer Firebox, it features “genuine extending action, made using the highest-grade materials and sizing up as a complete 1:1 replica… This advanced, gesture-based universal remote control can be quickly and easily programmed utilising infrared technology to control almost all home entertainment equipment. FromiPod docks, TVs and DVD & Blu-ray playersthis will gain complete control with a simple flick, twist or tap of the device.”

Whether it works on wood, however, is not confirmed.

If it takes your Time Lord fancy, the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control is available to pre-order from Firebox for £69.95.


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