The Apprentice’s Adam Corbally on Leah Totton: She’ll win by a clear country mile

“Leah’s on the money with everything she does – she even managed to silence the mighty Claude Littner,” says Corbally


Voted’s favourite former The Apprentice candidate, Adam Corbally thinks Dr Leah Totton is the clear favourite to win Lord Sugar’s investment.


“Dr Leah’s got the business credentials, the business brain, she can certainly answer any questions, any curve balls anyone might have,” Corbally told

As the competition has continued, Leah has shown she’s able to stick up for herself.

Corbally explains, “Not only did she manage to silence Lord Sugar when he questioned her credentials – she silenced the mighty Claude Littner during the interview stage. She’s like the Claudine to Claude.

“She just goes off. Leah’s got the speed and aggression of an AK47, but the precision of a sniper rifle. For me Leah is absolutely on the money with everything she says and does,” Corbally adds.

As Leah prepares to go up against Luisa Zissman in tonight’s final, Corbally doesn’t think she’s got much to worry about, saying not only does he really rate Leah, he’ll think she’ll win “by a clear country mile.”

On Lord Sugar’s apparent ethical concerns over Leah’s cosmetic surgery business plan, Corbally says, “There is the argument that Dr Leah is a doctor and that her time would be better spent saving lives, and it’s really hard to argue with that.

“Although, Lord Sugar does like a gamble. He had the choice of taking a gamble last year on Tom Gearing, or a safe bet with Ricky Martin – he went with the safe bet – are we going to see the gambling side of Lord Sugar come out this year? Who knows? You never really can read Lord Sugar,” says Corbally.


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