Spider-Man’s suit to incorporate an MP3 player in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Costume designer says the latest Spider-Man suit is “bad-ass” and will please fans that disliked the previous design worn by Andrew Garfield


Spider-Man’s suit is a serious business – just ask the fans who felt that the suit in The Amazing Spider-Man had deviated from the comic books.


They were upset with everything about it – from the colour of Spider-Man’s eyes to the absence of a belt. 

And guess what? The filmmakers took note.

Costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott collaborated with both director Marc Webb and a design team to give Spider-Man’s suit a makeover for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Producer Matt Tolmach told Entertainment Weekly, “The suit is different. The suit is bad-ass. The suit is improved.”

How? Well, for one thing – Spider-Man’s got an MP3 player in his costume.

Scott says: “You’ll see early on in the film that he can turn music on that he’s listening to inside the costume through his web shooter.”  

Perhaps an obvious tool for a bit of product placement, but hey, who wouldn’t want the same gadget as a superhero?

Spidey’s eyes have had a bit of a re-vamp, too. Gone is the yellow hue of the previous suit and in are a pair of big yellow eyes, said to be “as large as possible given the size of Andrew Garfield’s head,” director Webb explains.

The suit is also said to have much darker tones than the previous suit – although of course the uniform of red and blue is still very much in place and the spider on the chest has been mathematically designed, with a clear attention to detail.

Precisely why Spider-Man needs a belt remains to be seen, but it could just be down to doctrinal necessity. As Scott explains: “It’s there in the source material. There are rules to comic-book characters.”


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in cinemas from 18 April 2014