Sneak peek: First Great Western train series on Channel 5

Train enthusiasts unite; a new documentary is set to showcase Britain’s stunning rail journeys and follow the travelling public and working staff on the railways


Channel 5 is currently filming a new train-themed series, which will follow the staff of First Great Western as they connect the capital to the beautiful South West and destinations such as Cornwall, Devon, Swansea and Reading.


During the eight 60 minute episodes we’ll see a scenic iconic panoramas of trains crossing viaducts and bridges. As they pass lakes and rolling fields, we’ll learn from those driving, managing, fixing and dealing with customers along the spectacular 170 year-old route.

Shows such as Airport (BBC) reveal the fact that running a busy public service is more complicated than it looks. Daily life on a rail network is also not as easy as it appears, in the new series we meet a rapid response team that deals with fires, floods and fatalities, chefs trying to hand-cook three course meals for 50 people in a galley kitchen moving at 100mph and ticket inspectors encountering rowdy festival-goers on route to Glastonbury, trying to catch fare dodgers on the line and meeting a frightfully British bunch on route to the Henley Regatta.

See below for the first stills from the series, due to air this August on Channel 5

Take an epic rail journey with Radio Times Travel, see here for more details


Take an epic rail journey with Radio Times Travel, see here for more details