Emmerdale spoilers: car crash horror for Gennie – first look pictures

"I handed my notice in a long time ago to make sure I got a fitting exit. And we’ve definitely got that,” says outgoing actress Sian Reese-Williams

Gennie Sharma is to lose control of her car and send it plunging down a ravine after being chased by Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) and murderous Cameron Murray (Dominic Power).


In scenes to be shown next week, a suspicious Gennie will be seen eavesdropping on the pair in a bid to prove to her sister Chas that Cameron is not all that he seems. Armed with a dictaphone, Gennie surreptitiously records the illicit lovers, but ends up hearing far more than she expected after Cameron makes a shock confession.

“Gennie loves her sister and she wants her to be safe. And she feels in her gut that Cameron is a dangerous man,” says Sian Reese-Williams, who plays Gennie.  “So she’s become quite obsessed with getting to the truth. But she ends up getting far more than she bargained for. At first, it’s only the affair that she overhears, but the bombshell that follows is a huge shock. It confirms all the feelings she’s had, but she’s frightened at this point and just wants to get away from them both.”

Gennie, who up until this point has been hiding at Debbie’s house, panics and flees. But Cameron and Debbie notice Gennie and quickly realise that she’s heard everything and make a desperate attempt to stop her.

After a standoff at the garage, Gennie revs up her new car and escapes with Debbie and Cameron in hot pursuit in Debbie’s car. But nervous driver Gennie – preoccupied by fears of what will happen next – loses control of the vehicle, careers off the road and tumbles own a ravine.

“It’s high-octane stuff,” says the actress. “We shot it in Scarborough over four nights and it’s a massive stunt.”

Viewers will witness Debbie and Cameron rushing to the road railings, but with the car lying crumpled at the bottom of the ravine, it’s certainly not looking good for Gennie.


The storyline marks the end of Sian Reese-Williams’s time on Emmerdale, having been on the ITV soap for five years. So is she pleased with her send-off? “Yes I am. I handed my notice in a long time ago to make sure I got a fitting exit. And we’ve definitely got that.”