Cory Monteith’s best Glee moments

As friends and fans mourn the death of the 31-year-old star, we look back at his best moments playing Finn Hudson in the hit Fox drama


The late Cory Monteith, who was found dead in a Canadian hotel room this weekend, played high school jock turned musical theatre star in Fox’s hit show Glee.


Often performing with his real-life girlfriend Lea Michele, Monteith’s character, Finn Hudson, bought a boyish charm to the show and fronted many of the series’ most iconic songs. Here are a few of the best…

Don’t Stop Believin’

The first single released the the series, Don’t Stop Believin’ was the song which catapulted the cast of Glee into the limelight and got us all tuning into Channel 4 to see what all the fuss was about. It even made it to number two in the UK singles chart.

I Can’t Fight This Feeling

The song Finn sings in the first ever episode of Glee while showering after football practise. Will hears him and blackmails him into enlisting in the New Direction – a move which turned around the fate of the unpopular Glee club.

Man in The Mirror

Finn and the rest of the boys sang this Michael Jackson classic at the Sectionals in series three. It’s the only time an all-boy group of New Direction members sung at a competition… and they went on to win.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Lovebirds Finn and Rachel sung this rendition of Elton John and Kiki Dee’s hit in series two while practicing for a duet competition. They eventually decided against singing this song so they could let Quinn and Sam win and boost their confidence.

We’ve Got Tonight

Finn and Rachel sing this duet at Will and Emma’s ill-fated wedding in series four after Finn tries to win back his lost love. The pair hold hands during the song and their chemistry returns, with the couple seen retiring to a hotel room at the end.

I’ll Stand By You

When Finn finds out his girlfriend Quinn is expecting a baby during series one, Kurt tells him to sing a ballad to his unborn daughter so help him deal with his impending parental responsibility. While he is singing his mum finds him, comforts him and the truth about Quinn comes out.

Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way

This boy band mash up was a result of the feud between Finn and Will, after the New Directions coach found out Finn kissed his bride-to-be Emma. While N Sync and the Backstreet Boys’ songs battle it out, Will and Finn physically fight on the stage and the song ends with Finn making a tearful departure.

Losing My Religion

Finn sung this REM classic after his step-father-to-be suffered a heart attack in series two. The rendition explores Finn’s relationship with religion, from skepticism to belief and back again.

Just The Way You Are

Finn sings this Bruno Mars song during series two to show his new step-brother Kurt that he’ll always stand up for him.

Fight For Your Right (To Party)

Sung by Finn and his best friend Puck, this series four duet sees Finn trying to find his place in the world before deciding to become a teacher. It is now the last song Cory Monteith led on in the series.


What are your favourite Cory Monteith moments?