Benedict Cumberbatch punches Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Hollywood style

Sherlock star shows off his ‘Hollywood Fu’ skills before turning to Star Wars for inspiration around the track


Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t waste any time getting comfortable on the sofa in last night’s Top Gear episode – pausing the interview to punch host Jeremy Clarkson.


Or that should be a mock punch. He’s not some bar bralwer, not our Benedict.

After Cumberbatch got his car brands in a jumble trying to talk through the list of vehicles he’s owned, the Sherlock star joked he wouldn’t be able to do the Top Gear presenter’s job.

Clarkson replied, “It’s a good job I don’t do yours, I have no idea how to fly a spaceship or punch anyone.”

A red rag to a ‘Hollywood Fu’ trained actor, Cumberbatch pulled Clarkson up for a staged punching, joking, “I’ll give and you receive – I like being the dominant one.”

We can confirm no Clarksons were injured in the making of the scene.

Back to the business of cars, Clarkson revealed Cumberbatch had done more practice laps than any other actor.

Cumberbatch wasn’t calling on any skills he’d learnt from Star Trek either – instead, he called on Star Wars star Alec Guiness for inspiration, saying: “Use the track Benedict.”

Alas, it didn’t do Cumberbatch much good – scoring a 1.47.8, slower than former Trek star Eric Baner, who’d racked up a track time of 1.47.5 in the wet.

Poor Cumberbatch had done the eager lean and everything.


As Cumbers said, he’ll just have to be invited back. Hurrah!