The best Game of Thrones parodies

Stop frantically searching YouTube for the funniest Game of Thrones videos, we've done it for you...


The world wide web is overrun with Game of Thrones parodies. Finding the good ones is a task as troublesome as securing the Iron Throne (probably.) So thank the Old Gods that are here. We have dedicated many an hour to this most ultimate of quests: hunting down the funniest Game of Thrones videos on the internet. (And we didn’t even enjoy it. Promise.)


WARNING: Some of these videos are a bit naughty. But don’t complain, Game of Thrones fans, your favourite HBO drama is much naughtier.

I want it all

Imagine if Game of Thrones was made in the nineties. It would be more brilliant. Cue inspirational power ballad and lots of uncharacteristic smiling.

The Game… of Thrones

You know how you always regret proposing Monopoly when the game drags into its third hour? Well, what if Game of Thrones had a board game… of thrones? Now that would be a game of EPIC proportions.

But all the drama of the show in just six medium sized boxes, you say? Think of all the characters, all the drama, all the possibilities…

+10 coolness

Forget dice, cards and counters, this rude RPG game is really where it’s at… I like his moustache.

Throne wars

Embrace your inner super-geek. We love Game of Thrones. We love Star Wars. Swords are a bit like light sabers. It just makes sense.

It’s an obsession…

Many a man has tried to magic up a musical homage to Game of Thrones. And many a man has failed. This man hasn’t. Probably because he is Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and can actually sing. We think these GoT lyrics are definitely better than the original and they are just as catchy. Watchin’ Game of Throooones….

Also, who else wants to kill Joffrey with his own shoe? We totally do.

“The night is dark and full of terrors, but this beer’s delicious!”

God, can you imagine if people actually acted like characters in Game of Thrones? What started off as civilised drinks party would escalate into a bloody orgy, via incest, murder and horse hearts. Wouldn’t want to be in charge of cleaning up after that…

High school politics

Think life in the Seven Kingdoms is stressful? Do you remember being in secondary school?!

There were cliches (clans), the cool kids (those in power), the loner (Daenerys) and moments of high drama like the school disco (wars)…

They are there for us

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Pheobe don’t have anything on Jaime, Cersei, Daenerys, Sansa, Jon, and Tyrion nowadays. We used to be dedicated to the Central Perk regulars but they’re not there for us anymore, are they? And look who is.

Romance is coming

Who would have thought that throwing some Carly Rae Jepsen over the top of Game of Thrones (and avoiding scenes of a violent and/or sexual nature) would make it seem like a credible rom com?

Go bros

Forget romance. Game of Thrones is much more likely to spawn a bromance. Real friends are few and far between in the back-stabbing lands of Westeros. Plus Tyrion is probably the best character to ever grace our telly screens so it’s high time someone gave him his own spin off show.

Kings Landing meets Springfield

For fans of animated comedy this is the dream. Click here for more yellow-skinned Game of Thrones fun.

Some characters we used to know


Yes, we shared this with you a few days ago, but it’s so good we couldn’t resist showing you again…