Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

15-19 July: Ricky stops Adam from killing Brax, Spencer and Sasha kiss, while Bianca's public demonstration of support for Zac leads to her being demoted


Monday 15 July


As Adam prepares to deliver the final, fatal bullet to an unconscious Brax, Ricky manages to get free and disarm Adam. She gets Brax to hospital where the police are waiting to question Ricky for her part in the setup of Kyle and Casey. Heath blames Ricky for Brax’s plight, and Ricky admits that she is at fault. She tells Sgt Emerson her version of events that should clear Casey and Kyle if she makes an official statement. Brax undergoes life-saving surgery, which he barely survives. Heath keeps a vigil over Brax in case Adam returns.

In his coma, Brax dreams of his late love, Charlie. They are standing on a clifftop and she looks beautiful in a long, flowing dress. Charlie warns Brax that he’s in danger.

Late at night Adam does break into the hospital. He incapacitates Heath, and administers poison to Brax’s IV. Dex interrupts Adam mid-act, alerting Heath. Heath disables Adam whilst the medical staff begin resuscitation on Brax.

Dex worries about being average and not exceptional. He’s come so far since his brain injury, but will he ever regain his full cognitive capacity? Brax’s injuries force to Dex reflect on his own recovery and the impact his injuries on his loved ones.

Zac’s friends and co-workers are dismayed at the smear campaign the paper has begun against Zac. Despite Holly’s accusations being unfounded, the paper has gone ahead and reported her story, painting Zac as an unreliable ex-con who preys on students. The Department informs Bianca that she must not speak to the press, so she is left unable to defend Zac. Maddy confronts Holly on behalf of Zac, and Holly uses Maddy’s own insecurities to hurt her, pointing out the strong attraction between Spencer and Sasha. Zac is trying to take Holly’s accusations in his stride, despite Natalie’s concern for him not taking his situation seriously. A brick is thrown through the house window to intimidate Zac, representing the depth of the community’s anger. The Department still refuses to make a public statement to support Zac. After talking to April, Bianca decides to make a statement without the department’s approval.

Tuesday 16 July

After pressure from Heath and the cops, Adam reveals he filled Brax’s IV with potassium, which enables Sid, Dex and April to stabalise him. Dex reels from seeing firsthand what it must have been like for his loved ones when they tried to revive him. Dex finds his own patient file from his accident and reads through it. He wants to get a handle on what Sid had to go through. He asks Sid what the difference is between someone who makes it and someone who doesn’t. Sid has no answer, but he’s just glad Dex came back to them. Heath is distraught when Sid tells him there’s nothing more they can do. Either Brax will wake up or he won’t. April confides in Dex that she’s concerned about the Tamara/Kyle situation. Dex thinks Tamara and Casey will find their way back to each other – after all, they did.

Brax is peaceful with Charlie, revealing that he’s tired of fighting. Ever since she left, everything has been a battle. He doesn’t want to go back.

Heath feels powerless at seeing Brax in such danger. Kyle arrives having been released from prison, revealing that Ricky’s confession has allowed him to be released. Tamara is excited to see Kyle out of gaol, but April is worried about the growing closeness between them. Kyle and April take Tamara home, and she doesn’t recognise anything. April cautions Tamara not to push it, but Tamara fears when Casey comes back she won’t remember him. April tells her she belongs with Casey. Tamara wants to stay in the flat tonight to try and reacquaint herself with this life she hardly knows. April accuses Kyle of forcing his way into Tamara’s life. Kyle’s adamant that he just wants to help her. Tamara is lost, and he comforts her. When she collapses in his arms, Kyle knows he’s in dangerous territory. Casey arrives home, excited to finally be reunited with Tamara – unknowing of the fact that she can’t remember him. 

Wednesday 17 July

Casey is shaken when he goes to visit Tamara and she doesn’t remember him or their relationship. He shows her photos of them enjoying better times together. This causes Tamara to retreat further. On Kyle’s recommendation he agrees to give her some space. Feeling alone and at a loss, Casey goes to see Sid to talk about both Tamara and Brax’s progress. In both cases Sid cannot give clear answers as to when or if they’ll both fully recover. However, he advises Casey not to force Tamara to do anything before she’s ready. After seeing Casey, Tamara is plagued with guilt; she could see in his eyes how much she meant to him. She tells Kyle that she’s worried about what he might expect of her. Indi lends her support to Casey, assuring him that Brax will pull through, and unlike Kyle, she suggests that he spend more time with Tamara to help jog her memory. Casey begins to anger over Kyle’s involvement with Tamara, suspecting that he has a hidden agenda. After talking to Tamara, Casey decides to move out of the flat.

John milks his injury for as much as it’s worth and while still pandering to his needs, Marilyn and Jett’s patience is beginning to wear thin. Sid tells Marilyn that John should be over his ailments by now and should come back to the hospital if not. Marilyn, who has seen through John’s act, talks to Jett and they devise a plan for revenge.

Leah, VJ and Irene return to the Bay, receiving a warm reception from Marilyn, Roo and Jett. VJ and Jett catch up on the beach, whilst making fun at Harvey who covering for John on Lifesaver duty. Jett reveals to VJ that he has a girlfriend now and he’d like him to meet her. Leah is acting distant, and on hearing that Brax has been shot by Adam Sharpe she is clearly concerned to discover that he is still around. Her nerves get the better of her when she brandishes a fry-pan at Kyle after finding him in her house. Later, Leah turns to Irene when she becomes too afraid to be at home alone, her memories of Jamie clearly haunting her. 

Thursday 18 July

Indi catches Sasha checking Spencer out and after some heavy interrogation, forces her to that she likes him. However, Sasha is reluctant to pursue it, as to not hurt Maddy. After probing Harvey for information, Indi determines that the both Sasha’s feelings for Spencer aren’t one sided. Sasha is nervous around Spencer which isn’t helped by Indi arranging her to be Spencer’s audition Guinea pig for the gym job. When Spencer leaves, Indi chastises Sasha for not fighting for him. Sasha finally declares her feelings to Spencer who hesitates, as he’s just come out of a relationship. But finally he succumbs and they kiss. Roo sees this and is wary of how Maddy will react – and since Harvey helped facilitate this, he can break the news to her.

Leah has settled from her panic and apologises to Irene for her emotional outburst. Irene tells her that she is more than welcome to stay at her place, however, Leah finds comfort when VJ is home and assures Irene that she will be fine. This fades quickly when She overhears Bianca talking about giving a statement to the press regarding Zac’s criminal record, she completely overreacts., telling Bianca that the last thing she needs is a pot-selling teacher living under her roof. They reconcile after VJ asks about her anxiety. Leah decides to re-decorate her house. Meanwhile, Bianca gets a call from the Department – they’re not happy with her actions.

John continues to play the ailing patient. VJ, at the prompting of Marilyn and Jett, baits John about Harvey and John almost drops his charade. In an attempt to force John to come clean, Marilyn and Jett concoct a miracle “health tonic”, telling him that it was Harvey who gave them the recipe, and that he said that John wouldn’t be man enough to drink it. So, of course, John forces down the disgusting mixture. To vex John further, Marilyn gives a glowing appraisal of Harvey’s managing the Surf Club telling him that he’s running it as if it’s his very own. Marilyn and Jett invite Harvey around which finally makes John spring to his feet. John attempts to explain himself, much to Marilyn and Jett’s merriment – but he finally admits that he pretended he was hurt because he likes having Marilyn around – she makes the place feel like a home.

Friday 19 July

Roo and Harvey decide to wait for Spencer to break the news of his relationship to Maddy. Maddy feels embarrassed about her jealousy and apologises to Spencer, making it harder for him to admit to her he has feelings for Sasha. Feeling guilty, Sasha and Spencer agree to be “just friends” until they tell Maddy.

Bianca has been demoted by the department. She doesn’t tell Heath, thinking he has enough to worry about with Brax. Zac and Natalie celebrate Zac’s reinstatement, but feel terrible about Bianca’s punishment. Maddy is inspired by Bianca’s actions in defending Zac, but Irene tells Maddy, Zac and Natalie about Bianca’s demotion. Sasha and Spencer initially believe Maddy’s anger is about them, but realise that she’s angry about Bianca’s demotion. Maddy tries to rally the students to defend Bianca. Heath overhears Sasha and Spencer talking about Bianca’s demotion. Heath tells Bianca he will always be there for her no matter what.


Heath is trying everything to wake Brax up from his coma – the brothers are at a loss without him. Unconscious, Brax tells Charlie that his brothers don’t need him anymore, but Charlie encourages him to go back. Casey is infuriated that Ricky has shown her face at the hospital, and he kicks her out. In his mind, she is responsible for everything that’s happened to his family. Charlie asks Brax about Ricky, understanding that Brax is only holding on to life because of her – he loves her. Brax looks for reasons to let go, but Charlie’s found the truth. Heath is thankful that Ricky told the truth to the cops about Adam. He asks her to try to talk to Brax, and convinces a reluctant Casey to allow her to do so. Ricky tells Brax that she loves him. Brax wakes.