Doctor Who at 50: David Tennant and Paul McGann screening dates announced

RT brings you all the latest updates on the BFI's 50th anniversary season


They’ve been a sell-out success on London’s Southbank. The British Film Institute’s monthly screenings of classic episodes – with wonderful guest panels live on stage – are pressing ahead throughout the summer. Here are some new announcements and a recap of what is to come in the months ahead… 


Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy – Remembrance of the Daleks 

Saturday 27 July at 2pm (NB: The event is sold out but returns are possible.)

Confirmed guests are actors Sylvester McCoy (the Doctor) and Sophie Aldred (Ace), scriptwriter Ben Aaronovitch, sound effects man Dick Mills and visual effects designer Mike Tucker – with possibly a few more names still to firm up.

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Next month, the BFI jumps ahead to Christopher Eccleston. The eighth, ninth and tenth Doctors’ events have been reshuffled “due to guest availability”.

Ninth Doctor* Christopher Eccleston – Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways

Saturday 24 August at 2pm (NB: The event is sold out but returns are possible.)

Guests: RT has been told the names of two attendees but the BFI are asking us to withhold the information until more guests are confirmed. 

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Tenth Doctor David Tennant

RT can reveal this event will be held on Sunday 29 September at 2pm.

The story title has yet to be announced but it’s likely to be a two-parter. I’d put good money on it being either Army of Ghosts and Doomsday, which saw the emotional parting of the Doctor and Rose in 2006, or the similarly tearjerking classic, Human Nature and The Family of Blood, from 2007. 

Guests are unconfirmed. Fingers crossed for Mr Tennant himself and former showrunner Russell T Davies. Whoever shows up, this will be a mega-hot ticket.

Eighth Doctor Paul McGann

RT can reveal this event will be held on Saturday 5 October – at the unusual start time of 10.00am.

As for the story, well, there’s only one choice – Doctor Who (The Movie), the abortive attempt to reboot the series in 1996. BFI programmer Justin Johnson tells RT: “With the eighth Doctor event we’ll also be exploring what happened in the years between the show being axed and it coming back in 2005, ie books, audio dramas…”

Guests are unconfirmed. Paul McGann was undoubtedly the best thing about this production so let’s hope he’s available to attend. will keep you up to date as more details emerge.


[* Notwithstanding John Hurt’s Doctor’s position in the scheme of things – and for the sake of clarity and sanity – we’re sticking with the established enumeration of the Doctors for the time being.]