Your chance to own a real Blue Peter totaliser

Bidding opens today on some gems from BBC Television Centre, including a Blue Peter set, Ashes to Ashes costumes and a polystyrene R2-D2

Fancy getting your hands on a Blue Peter totaliser? The real thing…


We definitely do. In the past they’ve been used to count numbers of worn shoes, old mobile phones and unwanted CDs in Blue Peter’s iconic appeals, but what a way to motivate yourself, eh? You could set it up in your front room and set about saving some pennies or losing those extra few pounds, monitoring your progress on a GIANT and totally fun totaliser as you go.

The good news is that this (fairly recent but still heartfelt) dream can now become a reality.

The closing of BBC Television Centre means that lots of old bits and bobs are going up for auction (Yay!) Over 1,200 lots of memorabilia and office furniture, including a Blue Peter set complete with totaliser, are now available for us to start fighting over.

Other tempting lots include a polystyrene R2-D2, costumes from Ashes to Ashes – so you can channel the 80s with the help of Gene Hunt – and a sound effect board that will mimic walking on concrete, pebbles, gravel and wood. Surely a great prop for pulling elaborately mundane pranks on your friends?

There are also hundreds of sofas and office chairs, too. They’re not as exciting but who know what famous behinds might have sat on them…


Click here to get bidding.