Lindsay Lohan plays actress without a private life in The Canyons – trailer

The troubled actress is returning to the big screen in Paul Schrader's LA-based flick

Who else had forgotten that Lindsay Lohan was actually an actress? All that tabloid talk of drugs, court dates and car crashes has almost completely wiped films like Parent Trap, Mean Girls and Just My Luck from our memories.


Sadly, The Canyons, Lohan’s most recent foray into film making is unlikely to do much to restore her reputation as a serious performer.

The film had so far been rejected by SXSW film festival who said it had “an ugliness and a deadness to it”. Ouch. And Lindsay’s co-star is unlikely to help matters either. James Deen, who play’s Lindsay’s on-screen boyfriend Christian, is formerly a porn star whose film CV includes Wet Dreams and Don’t Tell My Husband 2.

Focussing on themes of sex, youth, glamour, celebrity and surveillance, The Canyons follows actress Tara (Lohan) and Christian as they make films and keep secrets.


The Canyons is set for an August release in cinemas and on VOD.