Apprentice winners Tom Pellereau and Ricky Martin go head to head over finalists

Office sweepstake leaves the former winners both backing one of Lord Sugar’s remaining candidates – but who will win?


This year’s office sweepstake worked out pretty well for former Apprentice winners Tom Pellereau and Ricky Martin – they both picked a finalist.


Now, ten weeks into the series Tom and Ricky, who both won Lord Sugar’s investment and run their individual businesses out of a shared office, can sit pretty as they approach the final, each with a viable candidate to their name. 

Tom told “Each year we have an office Apprentice sweepstake. As fate would have it, this year Ricky got Leah Totton and I got Luisa Zissman. So for the first time Apprentice winners are going head to head!

“In all seriousness, winning the Apprentice really is the chance of the life time and both Leah and Luisa are very impressive candidates. The Apprentice changed my life for the better and I have nothing but thanks for the opportunity Lord Sugar and the BBC have given me,” Tom adds.

The competing pair will have to wait until next week to see who wins (and who gets another boost of Apprentice glory).


In the meantime, catch Lord Sugar’s explanation of why he fired previous candidates in tonight’s The Apprentice: Why I Fired Them, 10:35pm, BBC1