Meet The Newsroom series two’s new characters

Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater, Grace Gummer and Constance Zimmer have all joined Aaron Sorkin's US drama


Aaron Sorkin’s broadcasting drama The Newsroom returns to TV in the States next week with a few unfamiliar faces. Joining Jeff Daniels as lead news anchor, Will McAvoy, are Marsha Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater, Grace Gummer and Constance Zimmer. 


Gay Harden joins as Rebecca Halliday – a First Amendment lawyer she describes as, “super, super, super smart” and “a little bit smug.” 

“Her job is to make sure that under the stress of a deposition and cross examination none of our characters will say the wrong thing,” adds director and executive producer, Alan Poul. 

Linklater plays Jerry Dantana, a veteran of ACN’s DC Bureau who steps in to replace Jim (John Gallagher Jr) while he’s away covering Romney’s campaign in New Hampshire. “We see right away that he’s not the favourite son here,” teases Sorkin. “He would love nothing more than to score a big story while Jim is in New Hampshire. And he scores a huge story – it’s just one that goes terribly wrong.”

Grace Gummer has been cast as Hallie Shea whom she describes as “a very ambitious, strong and ruthless young woman. Even though she’s horrible to Jim, it’s an angry kind of friendhsip and possibly a relationship that starts.”

And finally, Constance Zimmer plays Taylor Warren – a Romney campaign spokesman who spars with Jim throughout the season, according to Sorkin.

Take a look at the new cast in the video below…


The Newsroom returns to UK screens on Sky Atlantic this summer.