Doctor Who composer to premiere special 50th anniversary song at this weekend’s proms

Murray Gold wrote Song For Fifty as a birthday song


It might not be until November that fans start singing ‘happy birthday to Who’, but composer Murray Gold has revealed that at this weekend’s Doctor Who proms he’ll premiere a special “birthday” song, Song For Fifty, for the show’s 50th anniversary.


“We thought it would be appropriate to write something to commemorate the birthdays; essentially ‘Happy Birthday’ to a lovely television show. I think the last words are ‘Happy Birthday Doctor You’, which I’m sure the whole audience is gonna mishear and say, ‘You must never call him by that name’!”

He added: “I wrote this long song to speak for everybody in that room [Royal Albert Hall].”

Gold, who has composed for the show since its revival in 2005, went on to tell BBC Radio 4’s Front Row how he views his famous scores.


“For better or for worse, I like to have a certain type of melody; a sort of slow, developing melody with a sense of triumph about it. You know, the idea of embattled people… in the Doctor’s case: not that he’s embattled… but he is a bit of a nerd; a bit like The Smiths with anthems for the defeated.”