Pornography found on Qantas Facebook page

An eight-year-old-boy saw indecent images after he visited the Aussie airline’s page to search for a Lions rugby promotion

Australian airline Qantas has apologised after an eight-year-old boy from Sydney found pornography on its Facebook page when he was searching for a rugby promotion on his iPad.


The carrier confirmed that the image was the size of a profile picture and had been on the page for seven hours last Friday night.

“Spam was posted to the Qantas Facebook page in the middle of the night, which included an inappropriate image the size of a profile picture,” explained a Qantas spokesman. “We removed the post as soon as we saw it and offered an apology to a gentleman who contacted us to complain.”

Although the thumbnail image was small, the boy said he could clearly make out the image’s particulars.

“When you rolled over it on the iPad a larger version of the image popped up,” the boy’s father explained, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. “The anatomical details were quite clearly recognisable.”

”The last time I checked, Qantas was an international carrier and Facebook was a 24-hour social media platform, not just a 9am to 5pm experience,” he continued.

Qantas has previously had trouble with its social media site after it received racist comments earlier this year. The comments came after the airline made the decision to stop serving pork on flights landing in the Muslim city of Dubai.


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