Swoon! Giant Mr Darcy emerges from The Serpentine

A 12ft Darcy complete with iconic wet shirt has been unveiled in London's Hyde Park

Calm yourselves, Austen fans. Your eyes don’t decieve you – this really is a GIANT Mr Darcy.


A 12 foot sculpture of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy, complete with the wet shirt that set viewers’ hearts racing, has emerged from the water in London’s Hyde Park.

It is a truth universally acknowledged (well, it was recently announced as a result of a survey) that the scene from the 1995 TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is British drama’s best moment. It’s been recreated on an epic scale to mark the launch of UKTV’s new Drama channel, which launches today.

The romantic hero has been constructed out of fibre-glass and is the height of a double decker bus. Imagine bumping into that on your way to work. It must have left period drama fans swooning on the banks of The Serpentine…

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Adrian Wills, General Manager of UKTV channel Drama says: “The giant Mr Darcy in The Serpentine is a fitting tribute to one of the most memorable moments in British TV drama. Jane Austen spent a lot of time walking in Hyde Park and along the banks of the Serpentine so we would like to think she would have approved of our new dashing Darcy.”

The homage to our favourite romantic hero won’t be hanging around in The Serpentine for long though. Darcy is set to embark on a journey to Scarborough beach before being installed at Lyme Park in Cheshire where the infamous scene was first filmed.


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