Mark Gatiss: A live Doctor Who episode could have happened (but never for Sherlock)

The writer also outlines his dream Doctor Who episode

It might have worked for Coronation Street and Eastenders, but could a live episode ever have been anything other than a dodgy disaster for a sci-fi show like Doctor Who? Well, according to Mark Gatiss, we could very well have found out…


In an interview at Paris Comic Con, the writer revealed that former show-runner Russell T Davies had once considered a live episode.

“I seem to remember Russell harbouring a desire to do a live Doctor Who,” he said. “‘Forty-five minutes to save the world!’ I remember David [Tennant] blanching when he was telling me about it, even though we’d done The Quatermass Experiment… It’s possible. It would probably have to be a very contained thing where the Doctor was trying to get out of a lift or something.”

Asked by fan-site Blogtor Who if he’d ever consider doing the same for Sherlock, however, and Gatiss was quite clear. “Ooof, not for Sherlock! I’m going grey just at the prospect! Absolutely not.”

The writer, at Paris Comic Con to promote his upcoming Doctor Who drama, An Adventure In Space And Time, also went on to outline what his dream Doctor Who episode would be.


“The Doctor Who story I’ve always wanted to do is about Laika the dog, the Russian dog they put in space. I think I had a dream about it once where there was just him in his capsule – what a lonely thing! I thought, wouldn’t it be fascinating if something else got in. And Laika came back to Earth, still alive, but not alone…”