Man roller skis across Venezuela and smashes world record

Cross country roller skier makes a 1553 mile journey in sub-tropical heat

Venezuelan skier Cesar Baena beat his own record for long distance roller skiing by travelling 1553 miles across his home nation in 57 days.


This is not the skier’s first mammoth journey on mini wheels; he set the world record for marathon roller skiing in 2012, when he travelled more than 1395 miles across Sweden and Norway.

His latest feat in South America was particularly difficult, due to the hot weather conditions plus uphill and downhill landscape.

Although the discipline has been around since the ‘30s, it only gained popularity in the ‘90s. Now there is an annual Roller Skiing World Cup and World Championships, so off season skiers can still get a piste of the action all year round.

The next Roller Skiing World Cup and World Championships will kick – or should that be roll? – off in Croatia on June 22.

World record breaking Baena won’t sit still for long; he next plans to attempt to qualify for the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia – this time on traditional skis.

See Baena’s latest feat below:


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