Emmerdale spoilers: Bob and Brenda’s wedding day – picture preview

"It's the best wedding he's ever had," laughs actor Tony Audenshaw, who plays Bob

There are romantic scenes in Emmerdale next week when Bob and Brenda get engaged and married on the same day.


After Bob stages his surprise proposal, it’s left to Brenda – who is currently fighting a brain tumour – to cause a shock of her own when she takes her partner to the glamping site for the wedding itself that she has been secretly planning.

“And it’s the best wedding he’s ever had!” laughs Tony Audenshaw, who plays the seven-time married Bob. “Brenda says to him beforehand that it must be really weird for Bob because she’s standing there proposing in a funny wig. And he tells her that she’s beautiful as she is and that she doesn’t need the wig. So she takes it off and that’s when everyone sees her without it, some for the very first time. And then they go through this fantastic ceremony where Gennie sings this beautiful song. The whole thing’s amazing.”

The couple exchange vows with Nikhil (Rik Makarem) taking over from a crying Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) in order to pronounce Bob and Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) husband and wife. With cheers erupting and the guests throwing petals, the crowd is soon heading to the Woolpack to continue the celebrations. But one big question remains: can Bob actually make a success of this marriage?


“I think it will be different with Brenda,” says Audenshaw. “They’re really loved up. It’s a really nice relationship. But you have to remember that it’s not going to last forever because this tumour is inoperable. She’s having treatment that can hold back the inevitable, but who knows how long they’ve got together?”