Pride And Prejudice beats Broadchurch, Doctor Who and Sherlock to British drama’s best moment

A new survey has unveiled British drama's most memorable moment

It’s settled, apparently: Mr Darcy, played by a dashing Colin Firth, emerging from a lake in Pride And Prejudice is the most memorable moment in British drama.


The 1995 scene, in which Firth’s white shirt is noticeably sopping wet, beat off competition from soaps, children’s show Grange Hill and more recent popular programmes in a survey of 2,000 viewers.

Trailing behind Darcy was EastEnders womaniser Dirty Den handing divorce papers to wife Angie (watched by more than 30 million on Christmas Day in 1986), which came second; while in third place was Sherlock’s ‘death’ from last year’s finale, The Reichenbach Fall.

Other notable entries in the top ten include Coronation Street’s tram crash in 2010 (at number 4), the reveal of Danny Latimer’s killer in Broadchurch (at number five) and the Doctor regenerating from David Tennant to Matt Smith in 2010

The memorable moments were voted for from a list of 50 scenes, compiled to mark the launch of UKTV channel Drama, which starts broadcasting on Monday. The top ten are as follows…

1.Mr Darcy’s lake scene – Pride and Prejudice (1995) – 23%

2.Dirty Den hands divorce papers to Angie – Eastenders (1986) – 17%

3.Sherlock’s ‘death’ – Sherlock (2012) – 14%

4.The tram crash – Coronation Street (2010) – 12%

5.Who killed Danny Latimer?  – Broadchurch (2013) – 11%

6.The tenth Doctor regenerates from David Tennant to Matt Smith – Doctor Who (2010) – 10%

7.First lesbian kiss – Brookside (1994) – 8%

8.Morse reveals his Christian name – Inspector Morse (1997) – 8%

9.Zammo injects heroin – Grange Hill (1987) – 7%


10.Lady Sybil’s death – Downtown Abbey (2012) – 7%